The Richmond School
Year 3
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Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to the new term’s curriculum letter.

We hope this is going to be another exciting term with lots of new learning opportunities for everyone.

​Our topic this term is ‘World’s Kitchen!’ We have already travelled the world with our palates tasting traditional cuisine from Greece, America, China, Mexico and India. In addition, the children have had the opportunity to work alongside a local Italian chef making pizzas and we have taken part in a scheme offered by Tesco called Farm to Fork. As the term unfolds, the children will be looking at different farming methods around the world, fair trade plus the importation and exportation of produce. The children will be attending the Food & Farming show held in Peterborough later in the term.
This term in English we have chosen to focus on the text Nim’s Island, which is an adventure story. We will be covering various genres of writing based on this text. To bring the story to life, we have booked a drama workshop which will be delivered by ‘One Day Creative’.

​In Maths we are continuing to look at the four operations to not only build the children’s confidence in their use of these but to challenge them with 2 step problems. Alongside this we will be introducing decimal points, statistics and giving change through money problems.
In Science we will be continuing our investigations on rocks and soils and also looking at animals including humans together with plants.

​In music, the Charanga scheme of work is proving a hit with the children and so we will continue to follow this.

​In RE we will be looking at how Jesus performed miracles and discussing whether the children believe miracles do exist.

​During our weekly art lessons the children will be focusing on observational drawing and using the shading techniques previously taught.
​We will be continuing to develop skills using the four operations in maths focusing much more heavily on problem solving type questions. We will also look at different types of measurements.

During our PE lessons Mrs Potts will be focusing on team games whilst we will be leading dance. The children will therefore need tracksuits and appropriate footwear for outdoors.   

​We look forward to seeing you during our drop-in sessions and thank you for your continued support this year.
Mrs Watts and Mrs O’Dare


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